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Mission Accomplished by mainstream policies [Nov. 26th, 2007|11:21 pm]
mr poovey

my eyes are sore from looking at TVs and computers too much lately, but before it's all old news i want to weigh in on the election. the campaign itself, was like a ballet played out between a young, nimble and flexible girl full of enthusiasm and drive, and a fat old lady who keeps falling over. it was great to see Rudd learn from the mistakes of the past campaigns, and stand up for Labor's past economic credentials, and, with his Christian goodie too shoes-ness, steal the moral crown from Howard, who was essentially, for lack of a better word, a backwards fanatical extremist. Having Howard and Bush in power really had me start to hate Christians a little bit, but Rudd, at least in language, has restored the genuine Christian ideas about helping those in need and basic socialism. Before he declared himself an economic conservative, he declared himself a Christian Socialist. Remember that when he squanders the entire budget surplus on an ill-advised dental scheme for junkie single mother nazi refugee homosexual art students.

Look, on the whole i think the two main parties have to overly center themselves to appeal to the mainstream - which, in Australia, is pretty scarily right wing. Hopefully Rudd can restore a bit of a sense of pride in diversity however.

When Howard said, at his concession speech, that he was leaving a country that was more proud, me and my fellow Fortians at my ten year high school reunion scoffed very loudly. A country that locks up doctors on falsified terrorist allegations, then kicks out of the country on "character grounds"? A country that stripped the most needy of their wages? A country that picks on Muslims and tolerates, nay almost encourages, violence against them? A country that lets boat loads of refugees die just outside of out territorial waters? A country that bribed a violent dictatorship, then invaded it illegally on falsified information? Not to mention our worsening public hospitals and public transport, increasingly expensive health care and universities, under funded public schools and a national broadcaster that relies on cheap game shows because it can no longer afford to make proper drama. Oh yes and locking up children in what were essentially concentration camps. Proud? No way.

For me the Lindsay pamphlet fiasco sums up the whole Liberal dynasty perfectly: a racist fear campaign whose sole aim was to gain votes, which in the end, the people behind tried to hide from and when exposed, they failed to take responsibility for.

I almost feel like a Liberal when i ask this: but what now? I loved hating Howard. I really did. He was very easy to hate. And i hate to say it, but satire and underground creativity flourishes in such circumstances. Just think - the 80s under Thatcher and Reagan gave us The Young Ones from the UK and Bill Hicks from the US. In Australia under Hawke/Keating we got Mother and Son and the D-Generation. Admittedly very funny, but hardly radical stuff. I think myself, and many i know, now have to look at themselves, take "Hating Howard" off their list of facebook hobbies, stop spending their weekends reading the newspapers and being appalled, and get a real hobby. Like train sets or some shit.

My two years on the Chaser is basically winding up and i need to work out what to do with my life. I've given a lot to work on my dream job, and it's been totally worth it, but i have no idea what tomorrow holds, and i think i need to rest a little while, weigh up my options (all 2 of them - basically stay here and work or bugger off and travel) and then lock myself in for a year of something.

It's been an amazing year, the last chunk of which probably won't hit me for a couple of weeks. I just found out we've got a Screen Editors Guild nomination, which is amazing and humbling, even if not many editors are in the guild locally. The nomination alone is a great way to end this amazing two years.

P.S. Also, let me be the first to say, without hostility but more for pure trend setting value, "Fuck Rudd." There, when you're all chanting it at rallies in ten years, pay me copyright royalties.

[User Picture]From: desultir
2007-11-26 11:48 pm (UTC)
its going to suck majorly when rudd screws up because the smarmy bastard will be impossible to pin anything on

he's squirmed out of so much crap during this campaign.

Dont get me wrong, i love him for what he's done to howard. But give it 6 years...
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