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New Inventions [Jul. 3rd, 2008|05:53 pm]
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I'm working next door to New Inventors now, and i'm sick of being an unappreciated backyard inventor. so i've got a list together of some inventions and ideas, some of which are in blueprint stage, others i have semi-working prototypes of. Let me know what you think i should pitch first:

1. Battery Powered Toothbrush
2. Mobile telephone
3. Electric powered sunglasses
4. Umbrella expresso machine
5. computer "network"
6. Antarctica House
7. Portable Magazine
8. Machine Gun with coffee cup holders
9. Shelf for holding books
10. Soluble pizza drink

I think they're all winners. See you at the grand final, Jerk Offs!

[User Picture]From: marcsi
2008-07-12 08:25 am (UTC)


I haven't laughed my ass off fro ages that rocked
[User Picture]From: dylab
2008-07-13 02:19 pm (UTC)


glad somebody got it! i thought it was hilariously stupid too