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mr poovey

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oh canada/obama ideas [Jan. 13th, 2009|02:05 am]
mr poovey
Typically Canadian
you can tell you're living in a stable, peaceful, liberal democracy when a girl comes door knocking trying to raise money for a campaign to ban a harmful type of plastic used in water bottles.

Ideas For Obama

A lot of media blowhards have been weighing in this week with their ideas for the new Obama administration - ways to restart the economy, improve the environment, promote peace and move democracy forward. I've also come up with some ideas for Obama:

1. Kill The Jonas Brothers, film it and put it on youtube. Hey, if they can do on the subway in Oakland...
2. Give Alaska to the Dalai Lama He'll be dead soon and he never got Tibet back, so, please, just give him something. Plus, it'll get Palin out of politics.
3. Half Price Postage Stamps on Tuesday. Awesome idea, well done Dylan.
4. Burn all copies of High School Musical 2 & 3. One can stay, just kill the sequels.
5. Bring Seinfeld Back That show was awesome.
6. Electric Powered Trains This could revolutionise travel in the big cities
7. Anti-Valentines Day Where you have buy flowers for all your ex-girlfriends. November 14th.
8. Lord Of The Rings Sequel Seriously, these movies were so big, why haven't they made a new one where we get to see Frodo like, grow up and get his drivers license and have kids and stuff. You know, like on Everybody Loves Raymond
9. Compulsory Exercise For Youths For boys 14 to 18, primarily physical training, but some precision training, like say, target practice, combined with cardio-vasular, like say an assault course, and some strategy, followed by forced indoctrination of ideas of eugenics and Darwinism.
10. By 2020, a 40% reduction on 1990 levels of Bushs.
11. Declare a state of emergency and ban other political parties at least until the Republicans find their feet again